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Who are the 10 tallest players in NBA history?

In NBA history, there have been 14 players to stand 7-foot-4 or taller. Of the 14, Boston Celtics center Tacko Fall and Dallas Mavericks big man Boban Marjanovic are the only active NBA players.

The average height of an NBA player is generally around 6-foot-6. However, the range of player’s height in NBA history is over two feet (24 inches), with the tallest player standing at 7-foot-7 and the shortest player standing in at 5-foot-3.

In NBA history, there have been 14 players to stand 7-foot-4 or taller. Of the nine, Boston Celtics center Tacko Fall is the only active NBA player.

Two players have been listed as the tallest players in NBA history – Romanian national Gheorghe Muresan and Sudanese national Manute Bol – listed at 7-foot-7. At one point during the 1993-94 season, both players were on the Washington Bullets roster.

Over the course of their NBA career, Bol (625) played over double the many games that Muresan (307) checked into. After that duo, two players check-in at 7-foot-6 – Chinese national Yao Ming and German-American Shawn Bradley.

PlayersHeightNBA Playing career
1.Gheorghe Muresan7-foot-71993-2001
Manute Bol7-foot-71985-1995
3.Shawn Bradley7-foot-61993-2005
Yao Ming7-foot-62002-2011
5.Slavko Vraneš7-foot-52004
Chuck Nevitt7-foot-51982-1994
Pavel Podkolzin7-foot-52004-2006
Sim Bhullar7-foot-52015
Tacko Fall7-foot-52019-Present
10.Mark Eaton7-foot-41982-1993
Rik Smits7-foot-41988-2000
Ralph Sampson7-foot-41983-1992
Boban Marjanovic7-foot-42015-Present
Priest Lauderdale7-foot-41996-98


  • Manute Bol played alongside Muggsy Bogues – the shortest players in NBA history – for the Washington Bullets during the 1987-88 season. The height difference between the two of 28 inches is the most among teammate duo ever.
  • Yao Ming is the tallest player to have played at least one NBA All-Star game. He is also the tallest player ever to be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.
  • Chuck Nevitt is the tallest player in NBA history to have been part of a championship-winning team when he won his lone title with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1985.
  • Sim Bhullar, a Canadian national, was the first player of Indian descent to log minutes in an NBA game.
  • Tacko Fall, currently with the Boston Celtics, is the tallest active NBA player on this list. Dallas Mavericks‘ Boban Marjanovic is the only active player on the list.
  • Mark Eaton’s career blocks average of 3.50 is an all-time NBA record. His record of 456 blocks during the 1984-85 season are the most ever in NBA history.

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