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Who Is Jonathan Rich From Bluebox? Joelle Rich Husband Age & Net Worth

The recent news about the controversial star Johnny Depp dating one of the UK attorneys Joelle Rich has sparked interest in her husband Jonathan Rich who is from Blue Box.’

London attorney Rich represented 59-year-old Depp in his libel action against The Sun, which he lost in November 2020. Rich was part of Depp’s legal team. He filed a lawsuit against the publication for labeling him a “wife-beater,” but the judge upheld the charges as basically true, and his ex-wife Amber Heard gave testimony to support them. His effort to overturn the judgment was rejected in March 2021.

In the defamation action against Heard, 36, that was brought this year in Fairfax County, Virginia, Depp’s new love interest was not one of his attorneys. He won that case; a jury determined that Heard, although not mentioning him by name in her 2018 Washington Post op-ed against domestic violence, had defamed him.

Quick Facts About JONATHAN RICH

AgeAround 40 years
WifeJoelle Rich
AlmaUniversity of Birmingham
EducationBsc Economic
Hair ColorGrey
Eye ColorBrown

Who Is Jonathan Rich From Bluebox? Joelle Rich Husband Is Around 40 Years Old

Jonathan Rich has been working as the director at Bluebox Corporate Finance since 2014. He has been an integral part of the company for the past eight years. 

James Caan and Paul Herman created Bluebox Corporate Finance in 2012. The company deals with the depressing fact that over 90% of businesses that are advertised for sale never actually sell.

Further, the expert team collaborates with customers to provide market-leading pre-sale planning services up to three years before the client leave. The group then offers guidance on the actual selling or fund-raising endeavors.  And their award-winning “Blue Diamond” program is the centerpiece of everything we have to offer. It is a well-organized strategy for business owners that focuses on raising a company’s worth and marketability. According to our estimates, the program can increase a company’s worth by more than 40%.

Joelle Rich with Johnny Depp.
Joelle Rich with Johnny Depp. ( Source : nypost )

Rich completed his training with PwC before moving internally to their Corporate Finance division. He worked for four years on deals ranging from £15 million to £1 billion in value, involving the public to private, private equity, and private company M&A transactions.

Jonathan has been the driving force behind several profitable deals since joining Bluebox, including the sales of UK Addiction Treatment Group to Eli Global, KK Fine Foods to Ter Beke, and Peppersmith to Tree of Life.

With a BSc in Economics, Jonathan earned his degree from the University of Birmingham.

Jonathan Rich Has His Net Worth Growing In An Exponential Manner

Jonathan Rich has been working with the same company for many years. His hard work, and dedication, combined with his skills, is what makes him rich in 2022. 

The average income for a finance director in the US is $105,000, with a range of $95,000 to $120,000 based on the professional’s skills, experience, and regional salary standards. Newly hired finance professionals can anticipate a starting salary of about $81,000.

Calculating his experiences over the years and his position today, Rich has a net worth of over a million dollars. On the other hand, his wife Joelle Rich is also no less in terms of earnings. She is quite established and probably has worth as much as her husband. 

Joelle Rich is currently in processing to divorce her husband.
Joelle Rich is currently in processing to divorce her husband. ( Source : nypost )

According to Us Weekly, renowned attorney Joelle Rich is rumored to be dating Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. She acted as his legal representative when he sued The Sun in the UK for libel. Hence, her body of work speaks for itself. 

Camille Vasquez was paid around $2,50,000 for her defending Johnny Depp. Hence, Joelle has been expected to have earned a similar amount during the trial. 

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