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Why did Johnny Depp agree to settle the case for punching a film crew member?

After winning the defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard, Johnny Depp had another lawsuit in Los Angeles against a film location manager. His name is Gregg Rocky Brooks, who accused Johnny of beating him on set and retaliating against him by firing him. This case was due to trial on July 25 but the actor’s lawyers reached a settlement agreement with Brooks on Tuesday.

Meaning that Johnny Depp will not be going back to court after all, he much rathered settle the case than go back to the standand testify in front of cameras. With this settlement, Depp is basically saying he did commit these offenses against Brooks but he wants the whole case scrapped. Amongst the offenses, Depp punched Brooks in the ribs and verbally abused him back in 2017.

Why did Johnny Depp decide to settle?

Unlike the trial against Amber Heard where he felt he had a chance to win, Johnny Depp decided to settle this casebecause he knew he had done something wrong. Plus, all the trouble of going to court once again is not in his interest as Johnny Depp has several new projects in the works.

A new trial would halt these projects and they wouldn’t allow him to keep working as he has for the last month. It’s not just the music tour he has with Jeff Back, Johnny also has a couple of movies already in the works, one of them with Netflix. The settlement amound wasn’t revealed to the public, we may never know how much Depp paid for this one.

Depp’s abuses came when the film location manager told Depp about filming restrictions inside the movie set. In the report filed by Brooks on April 13, 2017, he talks about Depp becoming irate and violent towards him. The civil complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court reveals that after Depp hit Brooks, he tried to mend his mistake by offering him $100,000 if Brooks agreed to punch him back.

This incident happened on the set of ‘The Labyrinth’ in Los Angeles. Brooks shared image evidence of the assault in his report, he claims he was also fired for taking the case to court. This puts an end to yet another legal battle Johnny Depp had to endure in 2022.

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