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Witness makes shocking claims in Johnny Depp’s upcoming assault case

Johnny Depp already has an upper hand in the forthcoming trial as a key witness has come forward with his shocking claims/

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor, who recently won a blockbuster defamation case against Amber Heard, has an assault case waiting for him after a location manager Gregg “Rocky” Brooks accused Depp of punching him in the ribcage on the set of the City of Lies in 2018.

According to Radar Online, a former Green Beret and retired 35-year-old veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department Officer John Bigrigg has come forward with his claims.

The outlet shared a recording of Bigrigg who worked with the L.A. Film Unit at the time of the alleged assault.

“I walked over to where the disturbance was, and it was already over. Neither of the combatants showed no sign of wear, complained of injuries, or said that they wanted to press charges,” he could be heard saying on the tape.

Officer Bigrigg’s recollection of the incident contradicts Brook’s claims in the court documents.

He claimed that the alleged altercation started when he informed Depp that they were shooting the film after the time of their permit. 

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