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WWE Monday Night RAW Results, Winners, Recap, Grades & Highlights June 20th, 2022 – All About Wrestling


Bianca Belair kicked off RAW and introduced that Rhea Ripley was not medically cleared to compete at Cash within the Financial institution. Belair began to speak a few deadly five-way match to pick out the alternative opponent earlier than she was interrupted by Becky Lynch.

Asuka, Carmella, and Liv Morgan joined in, and we acquired some back-and-forth about Becky being a giant child and the way Liv deserves to win, however Carmella disagreed. Carmella wished Liv to be kicked out of the No.1 Contender’s match earlier than Alexa got here out and threatened to beat her down.

WWE RAW Outcomes (June twentieth, 2022): Becky Lynch vs. Asuka vs. Carmella vs. Liv Morgan vs. Alexa Bliss – Deadly 5-Means Match

The match kicked off after commercials, and Becky went after Asuka proper off the bat earlier than Alexa and Liv despatched Carmella outdoors the ring. Liv and Alexa confronted off a bit, buying and selling pins and rolling throughout the ring.

Asuka got here again and was beating up Liv and Alexa earlier than Becky dragged her outdoors. Lynch returned and took out Alexa however missed the highest rope leg drop. Alexa managed to ship Becky outdoors earlier than Carmella returned and took Bliss out.

Carmella dropped Alexa from the highest rope on high of the others who had been brawling outdoors earlier than we headed for a break. Again on RAW, Liv was in management and acquired a close to fall on Becky earlier than Asuka returned and by some means practically acquired pinned by Carmella.

Becky acquired the Manhandle Slam on Liv, however Asuka dragged her outdoors earlier than she may get the pin. Alexa acquired the Twisted Bliss on Morgan, however she countered it. Carmella jumped in on the final second and acquired a superkick on Morgan earlier than getting the pin.

End result: Carmella received the Deadly 5-Means and can face Bianca Belair at Cash within the Financial institution

Grade: A

Backstage after the match, Becky Lynch threw a tantrum about being on the poster for Cash within the Financial institution but not having a match on the present. Pearce booked her for a qualifying match with Asuka, and it was set to happen tonight.

Vince McMahon walked out to the ring and thanked the followers for serving to preserve RAW on the air for 30 years. He introduced John Cena’s return for subsequent week earlier than making his manner backstage.

Riddle was out subsequent on RAW and mentioned that he was nonetheless not carried out with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline. He mentioned that he’ll attempt his greatest to win the Cash within the Financial institution ladder match to earn one other title shot in opposition to Roman.

Omos and MVP got here out to inform Riddle to get again to actuality earlier than we headed for the following match.

Riddle vs. Omos on RAW

Omos had an early benefit and was tossing Riddle round within the ring as Seth Rollins watched from backstage. Omos locked in a bear hug and went after Riddle’s injured ribs.

The Unique Bro got here again and tried for the RKO, however Omos blocked it earlier than getting in his trademark double chokeslam for the win. After the match, Omos hit yet another slam on Riddle earlier than strolling out.

End result: Omos def. Riddle

Grade: C

Seth Rollins got here out in a pink swimsuit and threw Riddle out of the ring earlier than mocking him for being a loser.

Rollins was speaking about how he was the one one who may beat Reigns when Riddle attacked him from behind. Rollins took him down with the stomp earlier than strolling out.

Principle was out subsequent on RAW for a solo pose-down. Bobby Lashley snuck up behind him, and Principle solely realized it after making an attempt to take a selfie. Lashley sprayed child oil into Principle’s eyes earlier than hitting him with a spear.

Lashley challenged Principle as soon as extra to a United States Title match earlier than strolling out. Backstage after a break, we discovered from Principle that Bobby Lashley must defeat three opponents in a Gauntlet match tonight to get his title shot.

Jey Uso vs. Angelo Dawkins on RAW

Dawkins began off robust, however Jey took the match outdoors and despatched Angelo over the barricades with an enormous clothesline. Again after a break on RAW, Dawkins got here again with some clothesline and a giant slam earlier than getting a close to fall.

Dawkins hit a giant deal with on Jey however took the superkick. Jey arrange for the splash however Dawkins acquired up and caught Uso out of the air earlier than hitting a backbone buster for the win.

End result: Angelo Dawkins def. Jey Uso

Grade: C

Elias was in a backstage interview with Ezekiel earlier than beginning off his live performance.

After the live performance kicked off, Kevin Owens interrupted Elias and mentioned that he was nonetheless satisfied that he and Ezekiel had been the identical particular person.

Ezekiel confirmed up on the titantron to clarify the scenario, however Owens was not prepared to just accept it. A brawl broke out, and Elias smashed his guitar on Owens’ again earlier than RAW continued.

Gauntlet Match for a United States Title alternative on RAW

Chad Gable was up first and was despatched outdoors earlier than Lashley lifted him and despatched him into the ring put up. Gable managed to get again to the apron earlier than Lashley hit a stalling vertical suplex.

Lashley tried for the spear, however Gable dodged it and locked within the Ankle Lock. The All Mighty acquired out and locked within the Damage Lock earlier than getting the submission.

Bobby Lashley def. Chad Gable

Otis rushed Lashley as quickly because the bell rang and stomped on the previous champion. Otis despatched Lashley outdoors earlier than tossing him into the barricades and ring put up.

Again after a break on RAW, Lashley was nonetheless being crushed earlier than he tried to lock within the Damage Lock however failed. The All Mighty acquired the spear, however Gable intervened, inflicting a disqualification.

Bobby Lashley def. Otis by way of DQ

Principle was the third opponent, and he bumped into the ring earlier than unloading on Lashley. Principle acquired the A-City Down and was about to get the pin however Lashley reversed it into an inside cradle and picked up the win.

End result: Bobby Lashley received the Gauntlet Match and can face Principle for the US Title

Grade: B

Backstage, Carmella attacked Bianca Belair simply as she was speaking about at all times being prepared.

The Miz was again for Miz TV, and his visitor was AJ Kinds. The Miz mocked his visitor, calling him a failure earlier than AJ made some school soccer references. AJ introduced up The Miz’s tiny balls and it made the A-Lister fairly livid.

The Miz went on a monologue about how he reinvented actuality TV whereas being a revolutionary celebrity earlier than Kinds attacked him with the microphone. Ciampa got here in from behind and took out Kinds earlier than we headed for a break.

AJ Kinds vs. Ciampa on RAW

Kinds unloaded on Ciampa proper off the bat earlier than the previous NXT Champion got here again with some huge knee strikes. Ciampa acquired a neckbreaker earlier than locking in a headlock on Kinds.

The Phenomenal One acquired out of it and acquired just a few forearms within the ring earlier than getting the modified neckbreaker for a close to fall on Ciampa. After a little bit of backwards and forwards, AJ acquired the Phenomenal Forearm earlier than getting the pin.

End result: AJ Kinds def. Ciampa

After the match, The Miz got here into the ring to assault AJ however was taken out with a Kinds Conflict.

Grade: B

Veer Mahaan was out subsequent, and we acquired ‘What?’ chants from the group as he minimize his promo.

Becky Lynch vs. Asuka on RAW

Becky rushed in proper off the bat and acquired some huge hits in early on however was despatched outdoors off the apron with a hip assault. Lynch acquired again in management and tried for a high rope transfer, however Asuka dodged it and hit a codebreaker for a close to fall.

Again after a break on RAW, Becky hit a dive from the apron however was met with a knee strike from Asuka. Again within the ring, Asuka blocked the finisher and hit a large kick earlier than choosing up the win.

End result: Asuka def. Becky Lynch

Grade: B

Episode ranking: B+

We acquired the ultimate ladies’s MITB qualifier tonight whereas Carmella earned a title shot at Cash within the Financial institution. Bobby Lashley is ready to face Principle for the USA Title, whereas Riddle had a forgettable night time on RAW.

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