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WWE SmackDown Superstars Turn Heel


Two WWE superstars on the SmackDown brand have turned to the dark side.

Face and heel turns happen all the time in the wrestling business. Very few stay on one side of the fence for a long period of time. There are exceptions such as John Cena but even he was a heel at one point in his WWE career.

For one WWE tag team, the time spent as babyfaces has come to an end.

The Viking Raiders Turn Heel

WWE had been advertising the return of former WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, The Viking Raiders. The way the company was promoting the team’s return was sort of like a re-debut.

The Viking Raiders ended up appearing on the June 24 episode of SmackDown with a new attitude.

Erik & Ivar attacked Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Shanky from behind. After the vicious beatdown, The Viking Raiders explained their new no-nonsense approach.

The team said they were tired of being sidelined and claimed that now nobody is safe from their wrath of destruction.

It appears now, The Viking Raiders have gotten into a feud with The New Day.


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