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WWE talent not happy about Bruce Prichard being named interim Head of Talent Relations


The news that Bruce Prichard would be taking over for John Laurinaitis as interim Head of Talent Relations is not sitting well with a lot of the talent.

As previously noted, Prichard is taking over Laurinaitis’ duties during the Board of Directors’ investigations into allegations against Vince McMahon. Laurinaitis was also named in the allegations.

Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that talent was informed about the change on 6/20 and Laurinaitis, who is now on administrative leave, was not backstage at Raw.

Meltzer noted that the reaction to the change has been generally negative because Laurinaitis has a better relationship with the talent than with Prichard. A couple of the talents reportedly expressed negativity citing Prichard as being “generally quiet and not approachable” while Laurinaitis is said to be “very approachable and open to talking.” One person reportedly called the move “scary.”

Prichard already has a lot on his plate. He is the number 2 man behind Vince on creative. Bruce recently noted that he would be getting surgery for a torn rotator cuff.


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