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WWE’s Stephanie McMahon addressed Vince McMahon situation during ‘all hands on deck’ company meeting


PWInsider is reporting that there was an “all hands on deck” company meeting yesterday and the Vince McMahon situation was addressed by his daughter, Interim WWE CEO and Chairwoman Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie said that everyone is aware that the Board of Directors is investigating her father and that he has “stepped back.” Stephanie added that she loves her father and loves WWE and will do everything she can for the company in the days ahead.

For what it’s worth, while there has been speculation that this is just a figurehead role for Stephanie, PWInsider reports that she has been actively involved in meetings that would have usually seen Vince involved so she appears to be legitimately in charge.

In addition, WWE filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday to notify about the change in the company structure from Vince to Stephanie.


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